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USA Michigan Volleyball

USA Michigan Volleyball is for every athlete that has the desire to improve!  Our mission is to do great work.  We want our coaches and athletes to get to their next level!  We believe in a principle based age group sports advancement system.  A process where athletes’ learn more effectively when structure, expectation and accountability are the rule and not the exception.

Currently we are running all of our programs out of Kalamazoo.  Here is a list of our teams.
A .pdf of tournament and practice schedules can be found by click on the desired team schedule link.

    2014 Team information    

2014  tournament/practice schedules

18 National
18N schedule
17 National 17N  schedule
16 National 16N schedule
17 Regional 17R schedule
16 Regional  16R schedule
15 Regional 15R schedule
15 State  15S schedule
14-Y1  14-Y1 schedule
14-Y2  14-Y2 schedule
14-Y3  14-Y3 schedule
14-Y4  14-Y4 schedule
14 Training  

This year has been an exciting one, as our new partnership with Wings Stadium has our athletes training in a 5 court facility at


(Wings Stadium, The Cube. 3600 Vanrick Dr.  Kalamazoo, MI 49002)


Click here to go to our recruiting website:  Recruiting USAMI

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