Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy (in quick and fast bullet points)!

  • What we do to teach, train, and compete is important and impactful.
  • We have professional coaches whose mission is to assist every athlete!
  • We prefer “stay the course” athletes no matter what our competition outcome.
  • We aspire to a world class culture.
  • We teach cutting-edge skills in an appropriate and efficient manner.
  • We continually improve our feedback and methodology every hour, day and week throughout the entire year and then do the same thing the next season!
  • We compete while always respecting our opponents.
  • We always care for the facilities we use, the equipment we share and our own program, team, and personal equipment and gear.
  • We always encourage the next generation of athletes.
  • We encourage our coaches, athletes and parents to always leave the Mizuno USA MICHIGAN Volleyball Club better than they found it and always give back to the sport!