We have some great ones!

What are the criteria for selecting a coach for the Mizuno USA MICHIGAN Volleyball Club?

It’s not an easy task!

First, we must know them and know them well.  If we don’t know them, they must come highly recommended from a trusted source and then we have to meet them and interview them.

We are interested in great people that have passed the background screening process from USA Volleyball.  

  • They must love the sport and want to be great teachers first and foremost.  To be a great teacher, you must study and be a lifetime learner. 
  • They must have strong communication skills so you can provide appropriate and timely feedback to an athlete.  You must be a tireless worker, one who is committed to coaching because of a higher purpose.
  • They must manage athletes in the training center, and during pre/during/post competition opportunities.
  • They must interact graciously with parents even though we deal with them in a highly charged and emotional process. 

Coaches are out company’s most valuable asset. You can’t grow great players without great coaches.

If interested in joining our coaching staff contact Kelsey Guyton: